Under the Microscope (2023)

Under the Microscope (2023)

Other name:显微镜下的大明 顯微鏡下的大明 顯微鏡下的大明之絲絹案 显微镜下的大明之丝绢案 Xian Wei Jing Xia De Da Ming Da Ming Under Microscope Daming Under Microscope

Director: Pan An Zi [潘安子]

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Historical, Investigation, Mystery, Novel


When Shuai Jia Mo, who is obsessed with mathematics, stumbles upon a historical problem in Jinhua County, he's met with multiple obstacles in his attempts to correct the mistake, triggering a tension between various stakeholders. Adapted from the novel "Xian Wei Jing Xia De Da Ming" (显微镜下的大明) by Ma Bo Yong (马伯庸).
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