The Heavenly Idol (2023)

The Heavenly Idol (2023)

Other name:성스러운 아이돌 대신관 렘브러리 神聖偶像 Seongseureoun Aidol Daesingwan Rembeureori Pontifex Rembrary Pontifex Maximus Rembrary Holy Idol The High Priest Rembrary

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Novel, Resurrection, Romance


Rembrary is a high priest from another world who came to this one to fight the demon king. When he awakens, he finds himself in the body of the handsome, but unknown idol, Woo Yeon Woo. Adapted from the web novel "Holy Idol" (성스러운 아이돌) by Sin Hwa Jin (신화진).
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