Numbers (2023)

Numbers (2023)

Other name:넘버스: 빌딩숲의 감시자들 회계법인 넘버스 Neombeoseu: Bildingsupui Gamsijadeul Hoegyebeobin Accounting Firm Numbers: Watchdogs in the Building Forest Numbers: Watchdogs in the Building Forest NUM:ERS Дорама Числа: сторожевые псы железобетонных джунглей

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Business, Corruption, Drama, Investigation, Murder, Mystery, Revenge, Tragic Past, Workplace


An intelligent young man, Jang Ho Woo is employed by the Taeil Accounting Firm. His excellent memory, sharp observational skills, and his innate sense for numbers lead him to be the firm's first high school graduate hire. Ho Woo soon uncovers a web of systemic corruption and injustice that can only be stopped by dismantling one of Korea's most prestigious accounting firms.
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