Love Me Again (2023)

Love Me Again (2023)

Other name:อีกครั้งฉันรักเธอ Ik Khrang Chan Rak Thoe Again I Love You

Director: Khets Thunthup [เขตต์ ฐานทัพ] and Petch Warayu Rakkul [เพชร วรายุ รักษ์กุล]

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy, Musical, Romance, Supernatural


A chaotic comedy of Pop – creator of AGA1N, the latest debuted girl group band and Bee – a 20-year-old muddle-headed teenager that looks older than her age. Only the audience would realize that she is actually a 50 year old lady in disguise to search for true love – the only one love of her life.
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