La Pluie (2023)

La Pluie (2023)

Other name:ฝนตกครั้งนั้นฉันรักเธอ La Pluie the Series I Loved You That Time it Rained Fon Tok Khrang Nan Chan Rak Thoe

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama, Romance


Follows the story of a man who dislikes strangers and talking to people unnecessarily. He also suffers from a sensorineural hearing loss when it rains. However, as fate decides, he can only hear one voice when it rains. ~~ Adapted from the novel "La Pluie" (La Pluie ฝนตกครั้งนั้นฉันรักเธอ) by Eddy.
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