Delightfully Deceitful (2023)

Delightfully Deceitful (2023)

Other name:이로운 사기 有益的欺诈 Iloun Sagi Beneficial Fraud Дорама Выгодное мошенничество

Director: Lee Soo Hyeon [이수현]

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Crime, Drama, Law


Lee Ro Um is a genius like scam artist and has the gift of gab. She has made a fortune by committing fraud. She also doesn't have any empathy. Lee Ro Um becomes involved with Han Moo Young. Han Moo Young works as a lawyer. He is the complete opposite of Lee Ro Um in terms of their personality. He has great empathy for other people and observant of their mental state. He is sometime too immersed with others. Even he looks at people who are hurt, he is stricken with physical abnormalities.
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