All the Liquors (2023)

All the Liquors (2023)

Other name:주류일절 Juryuiljeol No Mainstream Liquor

Director: Kim Jin Yeol [김진열]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: BL, Comedy, Miniseries, Romance


Han Ji-yu is an employee on the marketing team of a liquor company. Park Ki-hoon, on the other hand, is a devilishly charming, skilful chef of a famous restaurant. When Ji-yu is asked to contact Ki-hoon’s restaurant in search of a potential collaboration, he runs up against a few walls—namely, Ki-hoon’s flat out refusal to sell any alcoholic drinks in his restaurant. But Ji-yu is not ready to just give up. What will he do to break the stubborn chef? Two men from different walks of life learn to open up to each other through the intoxicating power of love.
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